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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week we talk about why and how you might become a PC gamer! We'll be talking more about it next week, so don't miss it!

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2:35 Patreon Thank-yous
4:45 - Main Topic
    • Why would you switch to or add a PC to your platforms?

      Backwards compatibility - PC Gaming Wicki

      Choice of hardware
      Choice of software - TS, Vent, Mumble


      2. Should you build or buy?
  • Building - cheaper, more customization, you learn a useful skill
  • Buying - whole system warranty, easier, more expensive - PCdecrapifier
1:08:00 News
  • Gamestop refusing to sell digital bundles

  • NFS PC version delayed until the spring

  • Windows 10 updates

  • Nintendo news

 Mail Time

1:46:24 Potato Masher
Metal Gear Solid V

2:00:10 Wrap-up

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