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All the hosts are back this week! We talk about which game franchises should end or be rebooted for their own good. Also, we're doing an "Ask Us Anything" episode in 2 weeks! Write in with whatever you want to ask us, or leave a comment on the video!


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Episode 129 Show Notes

Intro / Announcements:
We’re doing a “Ask us Anything” on February 4th! Write/comment/tweet us questions about pretty much anything you want to know!

3:00 - What Game Franchises Should End?

46:10 - News

Tatooine coming for Battlefront
The Division drops player trading
Sequel to Half-Life: Opposing Force
Nintendo NX rumors
Zotac 970 Extreme OC Edition

1:04:20 - Mail Time

1:14:20 - 90 Seconds With Joel

1:22:00 - What Are You Playing This Week?

1:31:24 - Wrap-up

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