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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week is our big Episode 101, where we go over the big changes and improvements coming to CSG. Make sure to check out the important links below!

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Episode 101 Show Notes
We talk about a lot during this episode, so here is a brief recap:

Streaming on Youtube/new CS YT channel

  • Subscribe!

  • Podcasts will stop going up on our YT channels after 4 weeks, to give people time to subscribe

  • Podcasts will still be on our respective channel playlists, so everyone can still find them easily


Rebrand    13:45

  • We have a new logo, but why?


New Website    17:00


  • Potential for articles

  • Better SEO

  • It’s sparse now, will get fleshed out as we need it


Shorter podcast length, content changes        29:00

  • Each host will bring one piece of news they want to talk about, to better represent the stuff we’re interested in (we will also have general news). These will be more like mini discussion topics, and general news will be shorter

  • We will talk about console news along with pc news

  • Podcast will not lose the pc content, it will just be fleshed out and rounded to better represent the wide range of formats and consoles we game on.

  • All current sections (minus Potato Patch) will still be here, but not all of them will be on each week (just as we need them)

  • Our goal is a tight 1 hour show, to better respect the listeners time

  • Only one tech question per episode (other mail is still allowed, time dependent)

  • We’ll warm up before we go live, it’ll only be up on the live show. It’ll just be us joking around and getting ready


New show: Casual Shenanigans Tech    38:00

  • Dave and Jeremiah will go in-depth on the tech questions we receive, on a bi-weeklyish basis, as questions come in.

  • This will go out in the regular audio feed, and on a separate playlist on YT

  • This will let us go more in-depth on people’s questions, and it’s more easily skippable for people who don’t want 30 minutes of tech discussion each podcast

  • We want to turn it into a live show at some point


New show: Casual Shenanigans Conversations

  • Casual Conversations, covering anything from TV, science, current news, etc. Free-form, varying lengths, and of varying interest levels to different subscribers


Patreon updates (won’t go live until after 101 airs)    48:30

  • We are extremely grateful for everything Patreon and our supporters have let us do so far.

  • We need to adjust several goals, and add new ones to reflect changes since we started it

  • We want to raise money to go to PAX, and our goal is to eventually have an official live show at PAX East

  • All shows besides the main podcast will go out 1 week early to $5+ backers. The main show will never be delayed for anyone. All shows will go out into the main audio feed and onto their respective playlists on YouTube when they go public

    Patreon Backer Updates    1:01:00
    $5 tier – Add name listed on website
    $10 – linked name listed on website, link to website, blog yt, podcast, etc, suggest casual conversation
    $25 – Official episode sponsor, 60 second spot where we talk about their stuff however we want, and Joel will sing a song about their wonder and splendor.
    $50 – Join the podcast for one episode and have you on as a guest host

           Milestone goals
    $100 – Website hosting costs
    $250 – Turn Casual Shenanigans Tech into live call-in show for tech support

Wrap-up, gaming news:


Bad week for developers

  1. Rocksteady Batman nightmare - I vote these stories (Dave)

  2. Project Cars announced a funding campaign for a second game and nintendo

  3. Nintendo just can’t win 

  4. joels dream and james


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