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 Podcast #71


1:30    Patreon Backer Shout-Out


Main Topic

Special guest Snoov603


  1. 42:50    Just Cause 3 Announced. New map world, caves, destruction. underground bases to explore. Multiple tethers and new tools. Hired guys from Burnout game for driving. Wingsuit added.

  2. 46:00    Advanced warfare is bad ass. Really feels super good. Great single player. Amazing multiplayer. Great job.

  3. Polygon retroactively lowers Halo MCC score from 9.5 to 8.0. Cites multiplayer issues as the reason.

  4. (Mobile games) Monument Valley Bombarded With One-Star Reviews After Offering DLC       

  5. GTA online. police radio. lights red blue


Potato Patch/Singularity Shame Segment


  1. Assassins Creed runs poorly on everything. Tons of microtransactions and in-game purchases. Some loot containers required a 3rd party phone app to unlock. Microtransactions completely broken with everything else, but got fixed first within 48 hours of launch.

1:07:30    Mail time

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