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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about PC Gaming, DayZ, ARMA, Battlefield, and all things PC Gaming related. We love talking tech, mods, and YouTube. This week, we talk about what makes games stay around for years, weird Mad Hatter parties, and much more!


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Podcast #70 Show Notes



Main Topic:

6:00    Some games come and go, even if they are a ton of fun. Some games stick around for years. Why is this, and what is the difference between them?



  1. 38:38    Star Citizen to have 8K resolution and 16K textures 

  2. 44:30    The Division getting extra love on PC: no parity with console version

  3. Fallout Hoax (TEARS)


Potato Patch

  1. 51:00    GTA V to get 1st person mode


Mail time: 53:48

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90 Seconds with Joel: 1:16:00

Bachelor party ideas

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