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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about PC Gaming, DayZ, ARMA, Battlefield, and all things PC Gaming related. We love talking tech, mods, and YouTube. This week, we talk about Dave's insatiable upgrade lust, Joel's desire to eat people, crummy lists, and much more!

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Podcast #68 Show Notes



  1. 14:00    Battlefield Hardline - a true beta? 

  2. 18:20    Judge rules against plaintiffs in BF4 class action suit.

  3. 25:23    Dave ponders gpu upgrades (while joel tries to convince him to get a ps4)

  4. 29:30    AMD R9 290 cards drop prices after GTX 970/980 launch, to $350 and $250

  5. 31:00    Dev angry about Steam early access mis-label for his game threatens to kill Gabe Newel.

  6. 36:00    Dark Souls 1 to remove GFWL and save player’s save games/progress.

  7. 37:20    Far Cry 4 to offer PVP mode as DLC? 

  8. 41:34    New BenQ 24” 1440p IPS monitor

  9. 54:40    Nvidia adds dynamic super resolution to GTX 500-700 series cards

  10. 57:00    Assassin Creed Unity has insanely high PC requirements.

  11. 1:06:45    POTATO PATCH  San Andreas coming to the Xbox 360.

  12. POTATO PATCH  Star Citizen

DayZ with DaveZ


.50 Update #3:


  1. 1:20:00    BootGate.

  2. 1:25:00    Disease system still on the way: “We are already using nutritional index which is defined for every food and drink. From that nutritional index your immunity strength is calculated. You will see its effect when disease transfers between players/players and items/players will be plugged in.


Singularity Shame Segment

Dubai property developer stole SimCity screenshot 


90 Seconds with Joel

I could be a cannibal

Comment of the Week 

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