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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about everything PC Gaming related. This week we talk about how GTA V runs on the Potato Masher, and talk about Steam's new paid mod program!

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Episode 92 Show Notes



Star Wars Battlefront official reveal




  1. 22:30    Intel Compute Stick uses 13 watts at full power - it’s also apparently not very useful:

  2. 24:45    Trine 3 is being released into early access   

  3. 27:10   Verdun - a indie WWI shooter - is approaching release 

  4. 30:12    Battlefield Hardline’s first patch over a month after release finally adds rentable servers to consoles but contains no netcode fixes. The “top 5 changes” are mostly crash fixes and balancing.

  5. 36:35    Steam opens the gate for non-curated PAID Workshop mods starting with Skyrim


Singularity Shame Segment:    58:30   


Rockstar hanging up on customers -


The Witcher 3 1080p 60fps footage uploaded to Xbox YouTube channel. Redemption? Apology and explanation in less than 15 hours:



90 Seconds with Joel    1:07:40


The Potato Masher       


Mail Time  1:31:25



ARMA updates with Dave


What are you playing this week?


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