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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about everything PC Gaming related. This week we discuss what to wear to a date in the summer, whether Valve will ever make Half Life 3, and how much Jon enjoyed sushi.


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EPISODE 87 Show Notes


  1. 5:30    Steam for Linux passes 1000 games

  2. 13:00    Windows 10 updates to be delivered over P2P

  3. 18:10    Monthly pass for Battle Royale in H1Z1

  4. 22:00     Star Wars Battlefront will be unveiled in April

  5. 27:00    Arma 3 Marksman DLC April 8th


  7. Elder Scrolls Online is now free

Potato Patch    40:00

PSN Down for maintenance Monday 



The Potato Masher        58:10

Mail Time        1:07:30


What are you playing this week?


90 Seconds With Joel?

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