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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about PC Gaming, DayZ, ARMA, Battlefield, and all things PC Gaming related. This week we talk about the coolest things that came out of GDC, like Steam Link, Morpheus, and Source 2!

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EPISODE 85 Show Notes


NEWS: 5:00

  1. Valve to show off VR at GDC 

  2. 12:00    More DX12 features: cross- GPU SLI/Crossfire. Different cards, different brands, less pickiness and card idling. 

  3. Nividia Game Stream 14:20    

  4. GTX 960 4GB, Witcher 3 bundle    18:00

  5. Steam Link, SteamOS sale, Steam Machines coming

  6. Source 2 finally officially announced and is free. (also unreal 4 is free)    28:50

  7. Maxis shuts down 35:10    

  8. TitanX  40:00

Potato Patch



Singularity Shame Segment

Battlefield Hardline premium


Mail Time


90 Seconds With Debbie

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