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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about PC Gaming, DayZ, ARMA, Battlefield, and all things PC Gaming related. We love talking tech, mods, and YouTube. This week, we talk about Driveclub's issues, bad PR companies, and Would You Rathers!

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Podcast #66 Show Notes

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  1. 7:15    The Crew delayed to December 2, also has pay-to-win, or does it? 

  2. 11:50    Ground Zeroes confirmed for December 18.

  3. 18:46    CD Project Red says no corners cut with Witcher 3, but a vetted insider says the PR team is over-selling and there’s trouble ahead.

  4. 26:00    Shadows of Mordor a surprise success, but controversy over heavy handed tactics with YouTubers and reviewers from a 3rd party PR firm.

  5. 37:00    Oculus Rift consumer release “coming soon”

  6. 39:35    Someone recreated PT in Minecraft: 


  1. 40:00    POTATO PATCH Assassins Creed Unity running at 900p on both consoles 

  2. POTATO PATCH Drive Club was supposed to be free for PS+ and launch with PS4, delayed a year, launched without major features and light on content, and PS+ demo version delayed. And it costs money now.

58:00 Mail Time 

1:11:50 90 Seconds with Joel 

1:33:29   Ethan Carter with Dave 

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