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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about PC Gaming, DayZ, ARMA, Battlefield, and all things PC Gaming related. We love talking tech, mods, and YouTube. This week, we celebrate 50 episodes by talking to a bunch of you guys, going over tons of news, and slapping seals.

Show Notes

1:45    Patreon Shoutouts



  • 3:00    Watch Dogs first thoughts

  • 16:00    Wolfenstein

  • 17:20    Steam controller moved to 2015 and steam boxes delayed as well.

  • 19:40    Battlefield Hardline: (Battlefield version of Payday)

  • 25:25    Battlepacks now available for real money

  • 28:00    Titan Z officially for sale again (for $3000)

  • 29:30    The order 1866 devs says 30fps is better for them and why.

  • 37:11    ARMA 3 sells 1 million copies, Bohemia buys all interns Lambos

  • 37:48    Comcast CEO talks about why everyone hates his company (mention Xfinity)

  • 40:00    Star Citizen dogfighting module delayed (was supposed to launch today)

  • 44:00    DayZ mod gets first update in ~10 months, adds tons of SA-like features:

  • 42:54    ARMA 3 Karts is a real DLC

  • 45:12    Googles Hd Streaming certification

50:00  Guest Call-In Time


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