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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week is our 3rd annual Lootcast. We give away games, have trivia challenges, and listen to a surprise that Joel has made for us!


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Episode 126 Show Notes

Intro / Announcement:

5:25  News    

  • Verdun Christmas even
  • HTC Vive delayed because of “really big tech breakthrough”
  • Nuka cola - Nintendo
  • Arkham Knight gets unexpected patch

13:50  Loot Stories    
Jeremiah's loot story

20:00  Joel’s Bullshit Christmas Trivia Round #1

29:10  Loot Stories    
Joel and James' loot stories

39:25  Joel’s Bullshit Christmas Trivia Round #2

45:40  Joel’s Christmas Surprise
A surprise from Joel for everyone!

50:15  CSG Trivia

57:00  Loot Stories    
Dave's loot story

1:06:00 Mail Time

1:14:14  Joel’s Bullshit Christmas Trivia Round #3

1:26:15  Which of these things did Joel NOT say this year?

1:33:10  Guest Call-In Voice Challenge


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