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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week we talk about Machinima and Microsoft's shady dealings, new liquid-cooled laptops, and Joel forgets the name of a country.

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7:00 Patreon Thank-yous
10:00 - Main Topic
Machinima and Microsoft's shady dealings
37:10 News
  • Deus Ex might release early if enough people pre-order

  • Ps4 firmware update to give 10gigs of cloud saves.

  • Android Wear now works with iPhones

  • Asus ROG GX700 liquid cooled gaming laptop 

  • Arkham Knight patch leaked for a few hours, users report huge improvements, confirmed when it released later that night

58:00 Mail Time

1:01:00 90 Seconds With Joel

1:04:10 Wrap-up

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