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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week Dave, James, and Joel argue about Fallout fandom, we talk about the Rocket League tournament, and Joel drinks some nasty sparkling water.

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00:15 - Announcements 
01:30 - Main Topic: Who's the bigger Fallout fan?
19:07 - News Time!
           - 4GB of RAM is good for gaming
           - Joel talks about Steam Machines and Stream boxes
           - Metal Gear Solid 5 PC version has no pre-load
           - GTA 5 Video editor coming to consoles
           - John Smedley steps down from president at Daybreak
           - Nintendo files some Patents for a console with no Disc Drive
           - Youtube Gaming Launched
1:00:50 - Mail Time!
1:20:25 - 90 Seconds with Joel
1:31:05 - Wrap up
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