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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week we talk to returning guest and indie game developer Tristan Moore about Grave, Reflections, and the indie games that mean the most to us!


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0:00 - Intro/Announcements

Saturday, July 25th at 8pm GTA community game night

  • Clan server

  • CSG seal slapper special playlists

  • Bounty hunts

  • Join the Seal Slappers and hop on TS!


5:00 - Patreon thank yous

Daniel updated his pledge


6:00 - Main topic

Tristan Moore/Indie Games


54:00  - Top upcoming indie games to look out for    

No Man’s Sky, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Rime, Mighty No. 9, Firewatch, Cuphead, Salt and Sanctuary


1:00:00 - News    

  1. Batman wont be patched till september.

  2. No split screen Battlefront on PC

  3. New Horizons (the one by pluto) uses the same cpu as the the original PlaystationLink

  4. Gwent was born in a bathtub and landed straight in our hearts.


1:27:35 - Mail Time        


90 Seconds With Joel



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