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Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverant love of gaming. This week Jeremiah is away, so James hosts and we have UltraGrunt on as our special guest!



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Intro / Announcements 

NintendoCast delayed until next week

Rocket League Tournament.

DayZ community event August 15th



5:30 - Patreon Thank Yous

Pierogi updated her pledge



12:00 - Main Topic

Show and Tell Night: UltraGrunt.

Quiz Show




58:30 - News 


Cities Skylines Expansion announced: ARMA 3 style with overarching gameplay improvements for all players in a large patch and new x-pack features to take advantage of those improvements. Bonus Dr. Suess trailer! 


Nolan North replacing all of Peter Dinklage's lines in Destiny. 


Dark Souls 3 gameplay shown


Star Wars Battlefront


Microsoft conference




1:14:10 - Mail Time

CSG crew featured on the ARMA 3 development blog




1:19:20 - 90 Seconds With Joel

How to get through a break in without using any weapons or fighting back


1:27:40 - Wrap-up/misc

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